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Panman Mixtape no. 58

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Panman Mixtape no. 58

No Comments 11 August 2010

BED INTRUDER SONG – Remix; You and your Johnson; Eekamouse @OhDoctah vs. @OldSpice (cc: @Dove)
Panman Mixtape; “We both know why you are here!”

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Panman Mixtape; “We both know why you are here!”

1 Comment 05 July 2010

There was a moment when a mixtape was gestures of friendship… well, probably more than friendship. In fact it was a gift predominantly made from a male to a female or vice versa, that indicated a common interest in music and style. You sought to impress through your taste in song selection, sequence and novelty. Past mix tapes read like a chronology of ones past experiences.

In the classic compilation, “We both know why you are here” mix, my brother James crafted an arrangement of sexy songs with objective of setting the perfect mood. The mix was designed to start off innocent enough… only to progress so that at the perfect moment for both parties would happen to a great soundtrack.

Speaking of my brother’s influence, I want to introduce DJ Jimbo to the scene. Undoubtedly the product of some grimy beats this kid is destined for music genius. With practice and guidance from uncle Panman, this kid will be creating hot tracks before his second birthday.

My objective is to sort through this collection of tapes and sample the best moments into a new compilation.  With a sense of the history of the music and the people who listened to it, I will dive into it with style and grace. To keep the listener intrigued and excited with anticipation for each consecutive track is an objective.

Who gave you your first mix tape? What did it mean to you? What was on it? I am interested in hearing about you past music experiences.  Please comment, share and engage.



Retrospective of the Decade

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Retrospective of the Decade

6 Comments 08 January 2010

For Christmas I received the best present I have gotten in a really long time…

It was an awesome terra bite drive from the Panman Team. For those of you who don’t know, that’s a lot of space to put lots of media files.  What could make a girl happier? (O.K. flowers are cool. I love  flowers, but you get the point .)

Anyway, as a result of this really great gift, I was inspired to clean up my old storage drives, and during this process I started watching all the work I had shot and edited over the years. (Admittedly some pieces were better than others.) Nevertheless, as we approached a new year, I thought it was appropriate to take a look back …… not just on the last year, but the last ten.

This is a medley. Not just a year in review, but a cleansing of my drives and releasing of content I have been holding onto for years.  Hopefully it is a fond farewell. I like what I have done in the past, but as they say, your only as good as your last story… So alas, I must press on.

This year has been a huge period of change for me. I find myself in a completely different place than I was in January 2009, and I look around with amazement. The only constant in life is change, and therefore I must go with the flow and facilitate that momentum within my work.

I want to re-approach my traditional way of creating content and start the New Year off fresh, with a cleansed pallet.

I am not looking to banish the past, but rather release it. I want to evoke the storyteller inside me and really think about new ways to create and live, but first this process was necessary.

Oh one last thing…

There are a few shots I borrowed from other members of the Panman team, so thanks guys for making me look good….again.

The music is from the “IN C REMIXED” project. I highly recommend music lovers check it out.  Jad Abumrad, a composer and radio producer created the version I used. Among other things he’s one of the hosts and creators of RADIO LAB. I insist if you haven’t heard it, you must. It’s my lifeblood.  If you’re curious, start with THIS EPISODE, but listen to them all. You’ll Laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn something new. This is the direction I hope to take my story telling.
-Abianne Prince

Panman Mixtape No 50

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Panman Mixtape No 50

No Comments 20 June 2009

We continue where we started with a statement encouraging the pursuit of your dreams expressed through a healthy imagination, exploration into ourselves and a lust for greatness. Light becomes a consistent theme that reappears and persists.

Projection art, Interest in building community, and exploring the depths of your creative passion is the method for growth. At 50 I have returned to the mato of the first few Mixtapes. A greeting and note to those with similar interest.

Welcome to Pancity, Where all of your dreams come true!


Panman Mixtape no. 50

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Panman Mixtape no. 50

No Comments 09 June 2009

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