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The Original Hooligans are back. Shoe Fits Trailer!

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The Original Hooligans are back. Shoe Fits Trailer!

1 Comment 02 May 2010

A Roger Smith Short Film Trailer by Aleks Degtyarev.

The Original Hooligans are back. Another shoe fit another dolla! This time Marlo Lovely Brown has missplaced his dancing shoes. Confidant and partner in deviance, Pipe Adams is back on the scene to help Marlo locate his magical footwear. Marlo’s lover LuLu beckons from another dimension, while friend, and maddened inventor Bradrian W. Tangaurey laments at Camp Villain. Will Marlo be able to navigate his way through this fever dream to find the shoes or will humanity be doomed forever? If the Shoe Fits…

Roger Smith Shorts 09′ Documentary

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Roger Smith Shorts 09′ Documentary

1 Comment 29 March 2010

The Roger Smith Shorts; A Documentary by Aleks Dygtarev
Live Audio/Video Devices, Mapping and Creative Experimentation.

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Live Audio/Video Devices, Mapping and Creative Experimentation.

2 Comments 08 February 2010

As I sit to prep myself for the week I am having difficulty identifying where to start. I begin with a note on the DJay program I am using and my discoveries with connecting the program to my midi keyboard.

With the M-Audio Keystudio 25, I can control the program through the device. I can cross fade, alter the speed, pitch and cue tracks at certain sections of the song. The program works similar to a DJ turntable setup and is compatible with my itunes library.


The concept of mapping the Midi device opens up many new creative concepts to explore. Initially I was intimidated to dive into new technical methods but was inspired by the Live VJ performance “The Electric Womb” by Marlo Brown last week. Marlo has created a sophisticated video mapping system that is able control Resolume, a video mixing program, through a keyboard and mixing device.

The Electric Womb was performed Live at the Toast Cafe in Port Jefferson Long Island. It was a great success.

The move towards having hardware devices control our softwear will naturally advance our creative potential. The interesting thing to understand is that the mapping process is based on personal preferences. You set the connections to a logic that works for you. Everyones approach will vary making it essential that you understand how it works if you plan to take that step. The only way to know is to try.

With Marlo taking steps to understanding Live video mixing, I am committed to bringing my artistic performance to a similar capability. With practice and experimentation I look to bring a new level of audio/video experience to our Live performance scheduled for April.

I am working on my contribution to the installment, which is a look into what I call “The Electric City”. It is part of a larger artistic exploration into Pancity.

What is your creative talent? Please leave a comment below describing any new artistic developments that you are experiencing. I am interested in your feedback and look forward to engagements. Let me know what interests you.



My God the Penguins are Loose!

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My God the Penguins are Loose!

No Comments 14 July 2009

penguin in pancity

The first actual spotting of a penguin in pancity. With the inspiration of a midtown sunset, the city gleams in their presence. 

Welcome to Pancity!

Panman and Marlo Brown Present Penguins in Pancity.

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Panman and Marlo Brown Present Penguins in Pancity.

No Comments 24 June 2009


LIVE Art Interactive Broadcast.

Today Wednesday June 25th at 2:30 p.m.

Welcome to Pancity!


The Penguins are loose! Watch out for Penguins in Pancity!  Brought to you by Panman Gallery.



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