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Thank you 2011, Hello 2012; A Midweek, End of the Year Reflection…

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Thank you 2011, Hello 2012; A Midweek, End of the Year Reflection…

1 Comment 16 December 2011

Thursday December 15, 2011
I spent a bit of the day with my father, post surgery, at Greenwich Hospital. All I can is it will be an interesting road to recovery. As I sit and listened to a Doctor talk, I am posting manipulated images to my instagram.

I assure the nurse that I am listening.., I am just a byproduct of the obsessive mobile generation.
Welcome to Pancity!
Panman Mixtape no 79 by Panman
I am hit with a wave of motivation to round out the year on a strong note. List upon list, I create my end of the year objectives. The road ahead will be filled with new adventures and challenges. Tech projects on the Horizon; the transformation of underutilized spaces; Better business operations and relationships; I know I must live my life to it’s fullest.

I need to learn to listen, follow, lead and always strive to innovate.

I want to thank everyone I have worked with in 2011. I’m happy to be bringing new excitement to the Roger Smith Hotel in 2012 operating as their Director of Digital Marketing.

Panman Productions is not dead but will be focused on very specific projects. In 2012 I look to release my documentary on earth healing. It is a project that I have been working on since 2007 and it is long over due.  I am also going to be introducing a new app and will be driving the social initiatives at the Roger Smith Hotel. You will see new pop-ups and witness the next level of collaborative efforts. There will be an increased mobile integration surrounding everything that I am apart of and mark my words, 2012 is my year to shine.

Panman mixtapes have been a great creative initiative for me over the last couple of years. They have served as a testing platform for experimental video and artistic expression.  I have created 80+ mixtapes and am embarking on new artistic collaborations with top New York artist and playwrights as a result. The efforts of live video mixing as an art form have inspired the creative collaborations with Aleks Degtyarev, Abianne Prince, John Birdsong, Lisa Paul Strietfeld,  Daniel Rothbart, Mark Wiener, James Knowles, Jasminka Baney, Melissa Gonzalez, Kate Griffler, Molly Barnes, Daniel Terstad, Fleur Keyes and others…

With new relationships being built I imagine the list of artistic collaborators will grow and become more  sophisticated.

It is also important to note the emergence of the new artistic space at 125 East 47th street and the developing program of artists collaborations in our space in 2012. The current sculpture piece by Harlan Mack stands strong in New York City’s newest Gallery installation window. I will be working with Molly Barnes as well as the Vermont studio center to fill the program for 2012. Be sure to follow the 125 window gallery tumblr for latest updates and news.

So at this point I want to thank a couple specific people with made huge difference in my year and recognize their good work. Starting with the RS pop-up shop, I tip my hat to Melissa Gonzalez and Lionesque media. Together, inspired from an idea of transforming an under utilized space Melissa has gone far and beyond my levels of expectation. She has pushed me to be much more accountable and taught me how to succeed in business in New York City. She sets the pace, and has a compass for the next developments of our industries. We have become friends, disagreed with each other routinely to eventually agree and as a result have created a unique and desirable product known as RS Pop. I look forward to continuing our growing business and personal relationship.

I also need to thank and recognize John Birdsong. At this point John has been the longest working colleague of mine in the field of production, social media and marketing. We worked together at Plum TV, then at Panman  Productions and now with the Roger Smith Hotel. We absolutely disagreed on creative decisions but find clarity when discussing strategy and the vision ahead. A project in John’s hands will always take shape and inspire different levels of conversation. I’m not going to lie, he can be a pain in the ass but he’s always reliable and has continually had my back. Thanks John for the years of continued support.

The third acknowledgment that I feel is necessary to mention is my family. From my father who is always been my number one fan and audience member, to my mother who always believes in me and Phoebe who is continually trying to help me be my best. My family is the best support team that I can imagine and I am truly lucky to have them in my corner. They are the reason for the opportunities that I have in front of me and they are continually trying to keep me on my toes. I thank Allie and Jeremy and James and Maureen for providing a brilliant next generation.

I believe in that one can accomplish their greatest desires in life and I strive to live by that expectation. With hard work, support from others, and a dedication to seeing it through, I believe we will experience our biggest achievement in the new year. So my advice is, dare to dream and believe in your own success.  I look forward to making it happen in 2012.

I appreciate the continued support. Thanks for following the tangent

Please leave a comment and let me know what you are looking forward to in 2012.
Much love,
Aka John Knowles

Meditation / Mediation; an artist collaboration between Daniel Rothbart and John Knowles

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Meditation / Mediation; an artist collaboration between Daniel Rothbart and John Knowles

1 Comment 30 November 2011

On Sunday November 20th, 2011 there was an artist collaboration between John Knowles and Daniel Rothbart at Daniels home in Bushwick Brooklyn. The alchemical experiment is part of the Meditation / Mediation series that Daniel Rothbart has been doing for several years. Artists from different mediums positioned themselves into the collaborators mindset and put forth their creative intent into these 15 bowls.

The underlying theme of the visual set that I put together has a couple thematic layers. First is the concept of the ability of the human imagination to manifest ideas to become a reality. With positive thinking and the willingness to give you can make anything happen. It falls in alignment with the desire to dream and make your dreams a reality.

The next phase has to do with success and the road ahead. With patterns and ideas of growth and new discoveries, I open the doors to the next series of opportunities. To look forward and drive messages out into the world is my objective. New project. New potential. New heights of glory and achievement.  If the experiment has done its course, the right people will begin to offer their expertise in a similar direction along the journey.
It was exciting to conceptualize this collaboration as I have been following Daniels work and collaborations with other artists for years. I look forward to our next collaboration which I hope happens sooner rather than later.

I will be making a series of limited edition prints of the projection work that I am doing. If you are interested, just ask and I can keep you in the loop.

You can follow my real time activity through Panman Mixtapes or my Pancity Twitter account.
Reach out and let me know what you think.


Panman Mixtape no 80


Panman Mixtape no 80

No Comments 22 October 2011

Video Mash-ups from October 2011
I have put together a compilation of video to be mixed live. The first test round was conducted at the Roger Smith Hotel on October 7th, 2011.

Stay tuned for upcoming video mixing dates.

Tron Remix
Coconut – Nilsson Schmilsson

Ghost – Michael Jackson

Ecstasy -  New Order


Check out the last couple of Mixtapes. Let me know what you think.

Panman Mixtape no 79 by Panman

Tempo House – The Fall
Cherry Red – New Order
Blue Monday – New Order

Panman Mixtape no 78 – Sam Bradford Wedding Day Hockey Game shot with the Contour GPS Headcam.

If you like it pass it along.

Tweet me @pancity or @RShotel to engage!



Panman mix-tapes number 73 & 74

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Panman mix-tapes number 73 & 74

No Comments 24 June 2011

I uploaded number 73 to you-tube, and my audio was immediately disable. This could have been discouraging, yet lead to an interesting discovery.

As I was looking to replace the audio, I discovered YouTube video editor… With a mix and match of recent mix-tapes that have uploaded, I created number 74 in the youtube player to a thriller instrumental.

You-Tube video editor has a lot of potential in this crowd sourcing culture.
You should test it out and let me know you think.
Thanks for listening,

Check out the source clips from 74 in 73, 72, Roof top video jam with Panman and John Birdsong, and 61.

Panman Mixtape no 73

Panman Mixtape no 72

Roof top video jam with Panman and John Birdsong

no 61

@RShotel Marketing Nuggets at SXSW 2011

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@RShotel Marketing Nuggets at SXSW 2011

No Comments 27 March 2011

A marketing nugget is a trueism about best practice in marketing. It is a bit of information encouraged to be shared and contemplated by the masses. While at South by South West 2011, we @RShotel, asked top marketing minds to share their valuable insight in to the world of digital and offline marketing.

Thanks to all who participated.

Please share, comment and engage…

Marketing Nuggets #SXSW 2011

Carl Smith Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Matt Johnston Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Sarah Prevette Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Jon Schmidt Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

David Meerman Scott Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Renee Alexander Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

John Jantsch Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Aliza Sherman Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Ronald Waters Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Jon Edwards Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Khayyam Wakil Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Jeff Pulver Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Thomas Edwards Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Kosha Dillz Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Richard Propper Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

John Knowles Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Jim Caruso Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Jon Lazar Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Jamie Scheu Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Daniel Delaney Marketing Nugget SXSW 2011

Mark Horvath Marketing Nugget #SXSW 2011

Roger Smith Round Table with David Meerman Scott

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Roger Smith Round Table with David Meerman Scott

1 Comment 03 August 2010

On Wednesday July 28, the Roger Smith hosted its first Round Table discussion surrounding “Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead” with featured guest David Meerman Scott.
Thanks to our Round Table Guest;
David Meerman Scott
James Knowles
Henry Posner
Barry Graubart
Brett Siddell
John Knowles
Be sure to pick up “Marketing Lesson from the Grateful Dead” and become part of the discussion.
Roger Smith Round Table; Converstations at the Roger Smith Hotel
At a round table there are no corners. Conversations occur, ideas are explored, and relationships are built around a round table. The Roger Smith Round Table series brings together 6-8 people to discuss current topics in a purely conversational format. The show takes place in the Penthouse of the Roger Smith Hotel where ideas are shared and relationships are built.
As we head into the fall we look to create a series of round table discussions on a range of topics.  The Production and broadcasts will be brought to you by Panman Productions and the Roger Smith Hotel. Be sure to share this with your friends, follow our efforts on facebook and other Social Media platforms. We invite you to engage with us and become part of our culture.
Panman Productions; Follow your Dream!

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Panman Productions; Follow your Dream!

No Comments 22 July 2010

Follow your dreams with Panman Productions
It is important to show support by Subscribing, Following Sharing and Engaging. As we begin to build a more familiar audience, I ask for you to participate in our blog more frequently. Please comment, share, follow and subscribe to our social media channels.

Panman Mixtape Set List
1. Panman Mixtape no. 1
Showcased on this mix-tape: Foxhollow Farm and the Marko Pogacnik stone installation, Pancity, and Roger Smith News
2. Panman Mixtape no. 7
Panman Mixtapes are visual and audio smashups. They are an experimentation with sound, visual projections and layered visual media.
3. Panman Mixtape no. 16
(Redstripe and Panman Jam)
As the mixtapes increase, the level of expectation holds higher goals. In this stage of the experimental process we are bringing more people into the mix.
4. Panman Mixtape no. 17
Here is a tapestry of what that journey represents within my psyche. Back and Forth, we go…
5. Panman Mixtape no. 22
There is one stronger wolf!
6. Panman Mixtape no. 26
Gaston the MC from Ill Rhyme Techniques.
7. Panman Mixtape no. 28
…With a live projection mashup concept we began to collect content.
8. Panman Mixtape no. 31
Crossing Narratives
“Millions of feet mark the city streets every day – people, likely unaware of their actions…”
- Mark Wiener, 2009
9. Panman Mixtape no. 35
A day in the life of Danika at the Roger Smith Hotel.
10.Panman Mixtape no. 36
Gaston, Colin E. and Blak Philly bring a taste of Connecticut’s underground Hip-Hop.
11. Panman Mixtape no. 45
Matisyahu Rehearsal for the Elemental Experience.
12. Panman Mixtape no. 47
Phish Mix; A cut from a headphone jam session mixed with the latest light shows from the Hampton and Jones beach shows.
13. Panman Mixtape no. 50
We continue where we started with a statement encouraging the pursuit of your dreams expressed through a healthy imagination, exploration into ourselves and a lust for greatness.
14. Panman Mixtape no. 56
The next stage of the panman mixtapes and creation of Pancity has begun.
15. Panman Mixtape no 57
Underwater Love; Smoke City

I hope that you enjoy the mixtapes. Please share them, comment and let me know what you think of them. Thanks for the continued support.




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The End Trailer

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The End Trailer

No Comments 18 May 2010

A Roger Smith Short Directed by John Knowles and Melissa Gonzalez.

Films Title: THE END
Directed by: John Knowles and Melissa Gonzalez
Made in the United States at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York City. 2010
Premiere Status: World Premiere at the Brooklyn International Film Festival.
Category: Short
Running Time: 10 minutes

Cast: Starring: Melissa Gonzalez, Jerome Richards & David Henry Gerson
Crew: Screenplay by: Melissa Gonzalez & Michael G. Richards – Executive Producer: John Knowles -Producers: Melissa Gonzalez & Abianne Prince – Line Producer: Cedric Youngelman – Assistant Director: Lucinda Lin – Director of Photography: Aleks Degtyarev – Lighting Design: John Birdsong – Sound Director: Pete Eilenberg -  Editor: John Knowles – Costume Design: Veronica Zhou – Production Assistant: Rex Leung – Makeup: Denise Mojica – Hair: Katie Arbore
Email: Melissa Gonzalez, Lion ‘esque Productions mg@lionesqueproductions.com
Website: www.theendfilmblog.tumblr.com
In the mid 1940’s Sam Clarke fell madly in love with a young woman named Clare Hayes. It was WWII in Europe, a time of heightened emotion and adventure. Their time together lived in his heart forever and inspired the project of his lifetime. With hope and doubt, he hires actress Alex Keyes to assist in his endeavor.
Will Alex be able to embody the woman who stole Sam’s heart half a decade ago? “The End” is a screenplay adaptation of the novel A Century of Dust by Michael G. Richards.
About the Director Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa Gonzalez: Creator, Producer, Performer.
Melissa is no stranger to the camera or producing. Melissa formerly co-host of Latin Beat on BET, and has made numerous television appearances on NY shows including Chappelle’s Show, SNL and the FOX Pilot NY-70. In addition she produced and starred in the indie feature Spanglish Girls and Broken Hearts which premiered at LAIFF. Currently you can catch Melissa online hosting Homemade BFF’s and uncovering new fashion icons on www.rspopshop.com.

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John Knowles Introduces the Roger Smith Shorts at Social Cinema Week

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John Knowles Introduces the Roger Smith Shorts at Social Cinema Week

1 Comment 03 May 2010

It was an honor to introduce the Roger Smith Shorts at the venue in which they were created, to an audience of film creators and enthusiasts. In August 2009, 6 films were created as part of the Roger Smith Shorts FIlm Festival Workshop. The Roger Smith Hotel is a perfect venue to bring together creative individuals to explore the film-making process. The 2010 Roger Smith Shorts Directors and collaborators are; John Knowles, Aleks Degtyarev, John Birdsong, Abianne Prince and Melissa Gonzalez.

I think it is important to thank and recognize Paul Farkas and Sally Golan for putting together Social Cinema Week, better known as SoCin. It is a festival style gathering that will create platforms, networks and relationships that will help facilitate the convergence social media and cinema.

About SoCin
Social Media has changed the face of virtually every consumer-related industry. It is now a primary tool for marketing and distribution running the full range from webisodes, TV shows, networks, and major motion pictures alike. In socializing cinema, the very way audiences view and enjoy entertainment itself has changed as co-viewing evolves along new social platforms and added screen involvement. By situating cinema, programs and movies are moving outside beyond the theater and living room in real-time and becoming living media alongside our daily lives. Profound social good and edutainment increasingly results from the global connection and information provided by dramatically lower barriers of entry, user generated content, word or mouth and viralization.
SoCin recognizes the game-changing impact of Social Media and the web on the Film and TV industry. Its Social Cinema Week aims to provide balanced panels of leading experts from both Film and TV as well as those with social expertise. Importantly, SoCins new approach to industry networking parties provide intimate environments to take these conversations further, spark academic debate, and begin building Social Cinema best practices.

In the new world of the Social Internet it is a pleasure to be involved in its evolution. As a creator, an enthusiasts and a facilitator, I am thrilled to see the excitement and momentum happening in Midtown at the Roger Smith Hotel. We dare to follow our dreams and begin to believe that we should expect results. Destined and determined to achieve greatness we are humbled by the community and film-making process. What I have learned is that there is little time to sleep and all the time to dream.

Feedback is very important for our growth and community engagement. Be sure to follow our Roger Smith Short Tumblr account and reach out with comments.


Thanks for your continued interest.


Retrospective of the Decade

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Retrospective of the Decade

6 Comments 08 January 2010

For Christmas I received the best present I have gotten in a really long time…

It was an awesome terra bite drive from the Panman Team. For those of you who don’t know, that’s a lot of space to put lots of media files.  What could make a girl happier? (O.K. flowers are cool. I love  flowers, but you get the point .)

Anyway, as a result of this really great gift, I was inspired to clean up my old storage drives, and during this process I started watching all the work I had shot and edited over the years. (Admittedly some pieces were better than others.) Nevertheless, as we approached a new year, I thought it was appropriate to take a look back …… not just on the last year, but the last ten.

This is a medley. Not just a year in review, but a cleansing of my drives and releasing of content I have been holding onto for years.  Hopefully it is a fond farewell. I like what I have done in the past, but as they say, your only as good as your last story… So alas, I must press on.

This year has been a huge period of change for me. I find myself in a completely different place than I was in January 2009, and I look around with amazement. The only constant in life is change, and therefore I must go with the flow and facilitate that momentum within my work.

I want to re-approach my traditional way of creating content and start the New Year off fresh, with a cleansed pallet.

I am not looking to banish the past, but rather release it. I want to evoke the storyteller inside me and really think about new ways to create and live, but first this process was necessary.

Oh one last thing…

There are a few shots I borrowed from other members of the Panman team, so thanks guys for making me look good….again.

The music is from the “IN C REMIXED” project. I highly recommend music lovers check it out.  Jad Abumrad, a composer and radio producer created the version I used. Among other things he’s one of the hosts and creators of RADIO LAB. I insist if you haven’t heard it, you must. It’s my lifeblood.  If you’re curious, start with THIS EPISODE, but listen to them all. You’ll Laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn something new. This is the direction I hope to take my story telling.
-Abianne Prince

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