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Panman mix-tapes number 73 & 74

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Panman mix-tapes number 73 & 74

No Comments 24 June 2011

I uploaded number 73 to you-tube, and my audio was immediately disable. This could have been discouraging, yet lead to an interesting discovery.

As I was looking to replace the audio, I discovered YouTube video editor… With a mix and match of recent mix-tapes that have uploaded, I created number 74 in the youtube player to a thriller instrumental.

You-Tube video editor has a lot of potential in this crowd sourcing culture.
You should test it out and let me know you think.
Thanks for listening,

Check out the source clips from 74 in 73, 72, Roof top video jam with Panman and John Birdsong, and 61.

Panman Mixtape no 73

Panman Mixtape no 72

Roof top video jam with Panman and John Birdsong

no 61

2010 Roger Smith Shorts Trailer

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2010 Roger Smith Shorts Trailer

1 Comment 05 August 2010

The Roger Smith Shorts Series started in 2009 as a short film festival / workshop and was designed to facilitate filmmaking opportunities for up and coming directors. The Roger Smith Hotel has become the backdrop for filmmakers as they put their creative talents to the test. The 2010 Roger Smith Short Directors are John Knowles, John Birdsong, Aleks Degtyarev, Melissa Gonzalez and Abianne Prince.For more information go to :http://panmanproductions.com/roger-smith-shorts-festival-workshop/
John Birdsong Speaks at SMartCAMP at the Roger Smith Hotel

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John Birdsong Speaks at SMartCAMP at the Roger Smith Hotel

2 Comments 30 March 2010

John Christopher Alexander Michael Birdsong is a Producer Director Editor (aka Preditor) and Technical Director for Panman Productions in NYC. John has an Associates Degree from SUNY Suffolk in Photographic Imaging. It was during this time that he interned and was hired as a Producer for Plum TV. John stayed at Plum TV in the Hamptons and Nantucket for three years directing LIVE TV and creating original content and advertising. He then worked as a Preditor for HairdesignerTV.com; spearheading their LIVE web series and installing and using Darwin (open source broadcasting software) on their servers before USTREAM existed. John spends endless amounts of time on the internet and is a devout insomniac; somtimes mixing dreamtime with what appears to him to be reality. John lives with his Girlfriend Morgan-Jo Teller and their cat Fanny Fae McNamara in Hipsterville, Brooklyn.
Danika Druttman of the Roger Smith Hotel wrote an amazing recap article on SMartCAMP for the Huffington Post. In the article SMartCAMP, Social Media in the Arts: A Recap, she describes John Birdsong’s presentation.

“Another highlight from Saturday’s speakers was John Birdsong, a producer, director, editor, and technical director for Panman Productions. He focused on the methods of producing and sharing video content, the goal being, to concentrate on video making basics. Birdsong shared his video toolkit recommendations for the beginner videographers amongst us: the Flip or the Kodak Zi8, a Camcorder Access Bracket, a LED Light, a Monopod, and ‘Final Cut for Dummies’ would have us on our way to producing pre-recorded video content to make available through the online distribution channels available.

Typically behind the camera, Birdsong also has an easy public speaking manner that allowed him to translate his knowledge and wisdom into an engaging dialogue with his audience, and lead a hilariously awkward and perfectly timed dialogue with several unsuspecting characters on Chat Roulette. Birdsong predicts that this is the next big thing in Social Media — live video, thus, the one-on-one interaction with your audience that is such a critical component in the process of building relationships. Using Chat Roulette as a prime example, he led us through an entertaining cycle of brief conversations with a variety of randomly chosen people; it was engaging, fun, and personal. On a more serious note, it proves that this kind of application is a valuable channel to share your story.

Birdsong’s most resonating message was, effectively, “start telling your story and share your process as an artist,” a point also emphasized by the first keynote speaker, Marc Schiller, Founder of The Wooster Collective. He explained why he thinks video is such a vital component to a social media success for artists: “you can tell an amazing story, and we can see things that most of us don’t get to see, which is artist at work….it is interesting to see an artist take a camera with them as they are putting work up and have it go directly to the web.”
The activities of SMartCAMP would not be possible without the effort and dedication of several key parties. It is important to recognize the executive producer of the event Matt Semler and Julia Kaganskiy who put together such an interesting program. It is also important to thank all of the people involved from the events department at the Roger Smith Hotel to all of the volunteers who made the weekend so smooth. In looking at the social impact that we have made online in the last 2 months, I must thank Ustream for their support in featuring our content as it is happening Live.
I am proud the work done and would like to give a huge shout out to the Panman Productions crew and the Roger Smith Hotel for taking things to the next level. Till next time, I am John Knowles. Welcome to @Pancity. Where all of your dreams come true.
Tech Tuesday: “Dear AT&T, I’m leaving you. GOODBYE. -Me”


Tech Tuesday: “Dear AT&T, I’m leaving you. GOODBYE. -Me”

2 Comments 12 January 2010

Dear AT&T,

These past few months we’ve grown apart. In fact, we’ve been in a relationship for the past two years, but it feels much longer. The arrangement has been thus: I use my iPhone and you charge me as much money as you can for the worst service you can get away with. In this respect you have been utterly consistent. I got so used to it. Can I blame you? You were the only one for me. I got my first iphone a few months after it came out. It was shiny and new, and I was full of hope. AT&T, I’m sorry to say this but…I’m leaving you. That’s right, I’m gone. I have been loyal to you, given you thou$ands of dollars, and even stood up for you at times. Alas, you took every opportunity you could to drop my calls, over and over.

These are some pictures I found while moving out.

Our first date: your dad scared the shit out of me.

Forever? For-ever ever?

Remember that time we went to church together?

How’d you get in there? Mnnnnmmm…that’s nice.

I loved you so much. It’s fucking over.

I forgot to pay my bill on time and you suspended my account and charged me late fees (nearly everytime). The thing that makes me so sad : ( is that I tried. I really tried. What else could I have done?? Maybe I should have been easier on you. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used 3g so much? (Did that anger you?) Should our parents have intervened? Your dad Steve has been so quiet these past few years. In fact, he’s only upgraded my iPhone (the reason for our relationship) to such a minimal extent that you barely excite me these days. Where is a reverse facing camera for videochat? Cut and paste? I had to BEG for that. Open access for developers? Maybe I have been blind and you care more about Steve than you do me, your loyal customer. So, I’m leaving you AT&T.



-John Birdsong

Ps. If you care where I’m going, I will be taking my unlocked and permanently scarred iphone 3g to t-mobile for a NSA “no strings attached” relationship with unlimited talk text and web for $79.99. I have included a picture of my new girlfriend Catherine Zeta-Jones. : )

That’s right. I’ve been cheating on you.

What do you think of AT&T? I think they suck.

John Birdsong is a producer editor director for Panman Productions. He has more than one favorite color and sometimes he grinds his teeth when he is sleeping. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his girlfriend Morgan-Jo.

Wine Library TV NYC Week

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Wine Library TV NYC Week

No Comments 24 August 2009

Wine Library TV NYC Week LIVE at the Roger Smith Hotel! August 24-28

Gary Vaynerchuk performs Wine Library TV live! After more than 700 episodes, Wine Library TV has taken on a life of its own, breaking down the barriers to wine appreciation for thousands. Witness the live performance as we pump the audio out to the street outside the Roger Smith Hotel while Gary swishes and spits in his trademark style.

Where: Roger Smith Hotel & Lily’s Restaurant – corner of 47th St & Lexington Ave, NYC in The Lab Gallery. The lively Gary Vaynerchuk will perform his show from inside the fishbowl style gallery as crowds gather to watch from outside the space. Wine Library TV NYC Week follows a week of live cooking shows in the gallery by Chef Daniel Mowles of Lily’s Restaurant at the Roger Smith Hotel.


When: August 24 – 28

Monday 8/24 – 5 PM

Tuesday 8/25 – 5 PM

Wednesday 8/26 – 5 PM

Thursday 8/27 – 5 PM 

Friday 8/28 7:30 PM

with after party to follow… for Social Good Conference.

Plus, all week long we’ll be raising money for Mashable’s Summer of Social Good


follow us, if you want to.

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