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Why I like the “i” in connection.


Why I like the “i” in connection.

1 Comment 09 May 2011

A conversation that I had with Nick Hifrin about the letter “i” has inspired me on a tangent.  Nick, a New York artist who has been collaborating with our own Marlo Brown, was explaining to me about his creative organizational tactics with the letter “I” to represent a symbol of a connector.  He has been extracting “i”s from newspapers and using them to represent a point of connection as he builds larger systems for his music and art performances.  He understands the principals of connections by building systems.

I love the logic and representation of the letter “i” as it stands out in the Roger Smith Hotel letters.  As i look to connect systems and simulate the Roger Smith Hotel as a connectors network, “i” really like the metaphor.

Lets start building some connections.

If you fancy yourself a connector post a response letting me know how you connect your networks to the world.

Making further “Connections”, I am hosting an Art competition here @RShotel. I am awarding $100 to the most artistic “i” connector image that is submitted to me here on this blog. Anyone who submits will receive a $100 Rogersreward, and be part of the connector “i” series at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Simply take a picture of your “i” and send it to me in a tweet with the hashtag #makingconnections with @pancity & @rshotel. Also be sure to post a link here on the blog to be included.

Let the world know you are a connector.

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I salute you, James Burbank Knowles!


I salute you, James Burbank Knowles!

2 Comments 14 April 2011

This blog post is about James Burbank Knowles. I start with the give and take of brotherly advice!

James while caught in the middle, is the center of attention.

It is good to know that Brooks, Jack and Jimbo are the role models for the next generation.  The saga will continue. The new ones coming are in good hands.

And with that, I give my life to the spiritual guidance of another Jimbo. My respect for the name continues to grow in my heart.  I look to Jimbo for guidance, and what do I find?

Ben Franklin and a whole lot of Wooly Buggers. I see a happy man! I believe there is hope and success in his visions! I gladly introduce myself as “The Son of Ben Franklin.”

With spiritual guidance, golf lessons in life, respect for your bother and the responsibility of the next generation, I would say that James Knowles has been the biggest influencer in my life! I am proud to share a same last name!

I celebrate his life in the present, past and future.  With Love and Respect, I dedicate this blog post to my Grandfather who passed earlier this week. He was a sweet, and peaceful man who loved his wife and family.  May he rest in peace.

Thanks for reading.

Much love,


Panman Mixtape; “We both know why you are here!”

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Panman Mixtape; “We both know why you are here!”

1 Comment 05 July 2010

There was a moment when a mixtape was gestures of friendship… well, probably more than friendship. In fact it was a gift predominantly made from a male to a female or vice versa, that indicated a common interest in music and style. You sought to impress through your taste in song selection, sequence and novelty. Past mix tapes read like a chronology of ones past experiences.

In the classic compilation, “We both know why you are here” mix, my brother James crafted an arrangement of sexy songs with objective of setting the perfect mood. The mix was designed to start off innocent enough… only to progress so that at the perfect moment for both parties would happen to a great soundtrack.

Speaking of my brother’s influence, I want to introduce DJ Jimbo to the scene. Undoubtedly the product of some grimy beats this kid is destined for music genius. With practice and guidance from uncle Panman, this kid will be creating hot tracks before his second birthday.

My objective is to sort through this collection of tapes and sample the best moments into a new compilation.  With a sense of the history of the music and the people who listened to it, I will dive into it with style and grace. To keep the listener intrigued and excited with anticipation for each consecutive track is an objective.

Who gave you your first mix tape? What did it mean to you? What was on it? I am interested in hearing about you past music experiences.  Please comment, share and engage.



2 New RS Popup Shop Reviews

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2 New RS Popup Shop Reviews

No Comments 22 April 2010

Roger Smith Popup Shop Reviews

Bluebox Gallery RS POP review by Julia Kaganskiy

Having our gallery opening and show up at the RS POP shop was a wonderful experience! The location is amazing — in the middle of Manhattan and right by Grand Central station for easy access to the shop. There are always lots of passersby, both locals and tourists, and the window front on Lexington is an incredible draw. People were always stopping outside our window display to admire Gabrel Barcia-Colombo’s video sculptures, then wander on inside (so be sure to have an eye-cathing display!).

As a brand new pop-up gallery, we were focused on getting as much exposure as possible to help build our clientele, and RS POP certainly helped us do that by putting us front and center in a very elite neighborhood. More importantly though, the hotel’s strong art focus was a fantastic match for us and helped us connect with our target audience. It seemed like there was always some sort of arts-related event or opening going on, whether it was at the LAB Gallery installation space on the corner or the Solarium Room in the hotel, and the people in and around the hotel were all art enthusiasts, including the owner, James Knowles, who is the artist-in-residence there.

The staff is also a remarkable asset and support system. John and Melissa and the Panman Productions team were a pleasure to work with and helped us ensure that everything went smoothly. They also checked in often to make sure we were having the best experience possible and gave us notice when an arts-related event was happening at the hotel so we could be prepared. As a new business, it was so helpful to have that kind of support system in place, and we really can’t thank them enough for all their efforts.

In short, we highly recommend booking the RS POP shop! Great people, great space, great location.

Roger Smith Pop Review by Gail Travis

“Participating with the RS Pop up Shop team has undoubtedly helped to promote and expose my new knitwear label, N:F:P. Such a unique experience being able to build out my own boutique the way I have envisioned for my brand. It is rare to find not only a space to create as your own for up to a months time, but also have the expert support staff to help execute a special trunk show/cocktail party event, and social media tools such as videos, links to blogs, etc. to gain diverse promotion of any new art form.

Melissa Gonzalez is truly an amazing entrepreneur who was always there to help. She was never without an idea to creatively launch my first two collections to the public; either through the shop or online promotion. Melissa, and lets not forget her dog Mila, are the most adorable team with the most motivating and energizing spirit. No matter what the idea, she was ready to make it happen.

I am looking forward to continuing a strong partnership with John Knowles and his RS Pop Team to launch and promote my future collections of New Form Perspective. Their service has become an integral part of the N:F:P selling and branding platform. The midtown location has grown my customer list to include numerous new international clients and contacts, as well as a growing local NYC customer base. Truly a wonderful experience and encourage anyone starting their own business to look into the opportunity. The possibilities are endless and the team thrives on new creative techniques to try!!

Thank you John, Melissa, Abi, and Alek for everything!! Can’t wait to work together again soon!!”

A Recap of the First Roger Smith Live Broadcast.

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A Recap of the First Roger Smith Live Broadcast.

No Comments 21 April 2010

Father and Son, James and John Knowles, talk about the Urban Crystals and what it means to be Live on the internet. A highlight of our first Roger Smith Live Broadcast, shot outside of 125 East 47th Street.  We have come a long way but have maintained our stride and interest in the arts. Creating original content and building relationships like arching bridges, we press on regardless.
What kind of artists medium would you like to see us profile in our future art investigations? Please Leave a comment below with your feedback and present us with your ideas. Thanks for watching.  Till next time, stay tuned for the Live event.
Cinemonde: Wonderful World

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Cinemonde: Wonderful World

1 Comment 07 January 2010

Cinémonde is all about great drink, great food, and great film. The screening on December 14th, at  the School of Visual Arts Theater (on 23rd Street, bet. 8th & 9th Aves, in NYC) featured WONDERFUL WORLD, directed by Josh Goldin, starring Matthew Broderick, Sannaa Lathan and Michael K. Williams.

It was a smashing event. Not only did we have the pleasure of watching two fantastic films but we were able to engage some of the people who make this soiree possible. One such person was the director of the School of Visual Arts Theater, Gene Stavis.

James Knowles speaks with Chef Nata Traub about her childhood summers in France, and her love of Mediterranean flavors. Nata Traub has amazed and excited Cinémonde’s guests with her delightful dishes and exquisite taste.

The Rogé is the beautiful bronze statue, created by James Knowes, CEO and Artist in Residence of the Roger Smith Hotel. It is the award given to the filmmakers as a way of recognizing their artistic achievement.

Last but certainly  not least we spoke with the director, Josh Goldin. Lets go Behind the scenes and check it out.

James Knowles the (C) Level story teller.

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James Knowles the (C) Level story teller.

No Comments 10 November 2009


Though he is new to twitter, James Knowles @barkingdognews has been telling stories since the beginning. Like an arching bridge, his objective has been to connect worlds. Craving to initiate with big ideas James Knowles is all about the adventure. He has identified his voice as Barking Dog News and this (C) Level storyteller is here to make some noise.

Who is roger smith? James Knowles


The Roger Smith Hotel in midtown Manhattan is known for its creativity, comfort and hospitality. This boutique hotel is a perfect hotel for just about every traveler. The question often arises, Who is Roger Smith?

Thinking about his recent sculpture James Knowles is reflecting “In the minds eye.”

Inspirational, Stylish, Dramatic, Progressive, Sophisticated, Artistic, Detailed.

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Inspirational, Stylish, Dramatic, Progressive, Sophisticated, Artistic, Detailed.

No Comments 06 November 2009

Interview with Dave Prutting

173 Park Street, New Canaan, CT.

“Prutting & Company’s Attention to detail and budget has created excellent relations with our clients. David’s strength of character permeates through his staff; As a result, the construction process is organized, personal and clear.  We can recommend Prutting & Company to our clients and fellow architects without reservation.”
- Malcolm Robertson

Robertson + Landers, New Canaan, CT

Joeb Moore + Partners Interview

“This is more than Sculpture, were interested in really thinking about architecture as a social medium, as a social art and a performative art.” -Joeb Moore

Joeb + Partners Architects, L.L.C. is a firm specializing in architecture, interiors and design. The focus of the office is to provide owners with highly personal and powerful design solutions that merge practical everyday needs with beautiful spaces and construction details.

James Knowles Sculpture Installed

It has been several months since James Knowles started working on this bronze sculpture, and today he releases it and sends it on the next leg of its life. The piece is now installed at 173 Park Street, New Canaan, CT. and is settling into its new watery home.

Living modern — Green design brings intrigue to downtown



Roger Smith Hotel Social Media Re-mix

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Roger Smith Hotel Social Media Re-mix

No Comments 14 October 2009


In a coversation with John Knowles @RShotel, president of the organization James Knowles asks, “So how do we reach out?”. John: “You let other people do it for you.” James: “How does that work?”

Roger Smith Hotel Social Media Re-mix

The concept crowd sourcing content becomes a great way to allow for others to share your virtues. The idea of others taking your brand into their own hands might seem scary but when the public personalties embrace your identity the reach of your message spreads farther than you can anticipate. To watch as a video blog of ijustine, shot in the roger smith hotel, released through her youtube account, reach 50,000+ hits in one day, is an exciting example of how social media can bring unexpected results. 

The understanding and embracing of others to tell the story of your identity creates new levels of branding opportunity. The most important thing to understand is that our satisfaction is in you. The exciting moment of social media and the social internet is when an online engagement translates into a face to face interaction. 

It is important to thank our friends both old and new for making the Roger Smith Hotel the place for everything Social Media. Thanks for being part of the Roger Smith Culture. 

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John Knowles

FIRE: James Knowles Pouring Bronze

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FIRE: James Knowles Pouring Bronze

No Comments 30 September 2009

Exploring the Elements. James Knowles is hard at work with Fire in the foundry. The ability to transform molten bronze in a solid sculpture. The heat from the sand-molds is released as the artist begins to break the mounds. The ground smokes. This is one piece of 19 that will become the final sculpture.

The sculpture will be installed in a fountain at 173 Park Street in New Canaan CT.

Prutting and Co. Water: 137 Park Street, New Canaan Ct.

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