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Thank you 2011, Hello 2012; A Midweek, End of the Year Reflection…

1 Comment 16 December 2011

Thursday December 15, 2011
I spent a bit of the day with my father, post surgery, at Greenwich Hospital. All I can is it will be an interesting road to recovery. As I sit and listened to a Doctor talk, I am posting manipulated images to my instagram.

I assure the nurse that I am listening.., I am just a byproduct of the obsessive mobile generation.
Welcome to Pancity!
Panman Mixtape no 79 by Panman
I am hit with a wave of motivation to round out the year on a strong note. List upon list, I create my end of the year objectives. The road ahead will be filled with new adventures and challenges. Tech projects on the Horizon; the transformation of underutilized spaces; Better business operations and relationships; I know I must live my life to it’s fullest.

I need to learn to listen, follow, lead and always strive to innovate.

I want to thank everyone I have worked with in 2011. I’m happy to be bringing new excitement to the Roger Smith Hotel in 2012 operating as their Director of Digital Marketing.

Panman Productions is not dead but will be focused on very specific projects. In 2012 I look to release my documentary on earth healing. It is a project that I have been working on since 2007 and it is long over due.  I am also going to be introducing a new app and will be driving the social initiatives at the Roger Smith Hotel. You will see new pop-ups and witness the next level of collaborative efforts. There will be an increased mobile integration surrounding everything that I am apart of and mark my words, 2012 is my year to shine.

Panman mixtapes have been a great creative initiative for me over the last couple of years. They have served as a testing platform for experimental video and artistic expression.  I have created 80+ mixtapes and am embarking on new artistic collaborations with top New York artist and playwrights as a result. The efforts of live video mixing as an art form have inspired the creative collaborations with Aleks Degtyarev, Abianne Prince, John Birdsong, Lisa Paul Strietfeld,  Daniel Rothbart, Mark Wiener, James Knowles, Jasminka Baney, Melissa Gonzalez, Kate Griffler, Molly Barnes, Daniel Terstad, Fleur Keyes and others…

With new relationships being built I imagine the list of artistic collaborators will grow and become more  sophisticated.

It is also important to note the emergence of the new artistic space at 125 East 47th street and the developing program of artists collaborations in our space in 2012. The current sculpture piece by Harlan Mack stands strong in New York City’s newest Gallery installation window. I will be working with Molly Barnes as well as the Vermont studio center to fill the program for 2012. Be sure to follow the 125 window gallery tumblr for latest updates and news.

So at this point I want to thank a couple specific people with made huge difference in my year and recognize their good work. Starting with the RS pop-up shop, I tip my hat to Melissa Gonzalez and Lionesque media. Together, inspired from an idea of transforming an under utilized space Melissa has gone far and beyond my levels of expectation. She has pushed me to be much more accountable and taught me how to succeed in business in New York City. She sets the pace, and has a compass for the next developments of our industries. We have become friends, disagreed with each other routinely to eventually agree and as a result have created a unique and desirable product known as RS Pop. I look forward to continuing our growing business and personal relationship.

I also need to thank and recognize John Birdsong. At this point John has been the longest working colleague of mine in the field of production, social media and marketing. We worked together at Plum TV, then at Panman  Productions and now with the Roger Smith Hotel. We absolutely disagreed on creative decisions but find clarity when discussing strategy and the vision ahead. A project in John’s hands will always take shape and inspire different levels of conversation. I’m not going to lie, he can be a pain in the ass but he’s always reliable and has continually had my back. Thanks John for the years of continued support.

The third acknowledgment that I feel is necessary to mention is my family. From my father who is always been my number one fan and audience member, to my mother who always believes in me and Phoebe who is continually trying to help me be my best. My family is the best support team that I can imagine and I am truly lucky to have them in my corner. They are the reason for the opportunities that I have in front of me and they are continually trying to keep me on my toes. I thank Allie and Jeremy and James and Maureen for providing a brilliant next generation.

I believe in that one can accomplish their greatest desires in life and I strive to live by that expectation. With hard work, support from others, and a dedication to seeing it through, I believe we will experience our biggest achievement in the new year. So my advice is, dare to dream and believe in your own success.  I look forward to making it happen in 2012.

I appreciate the continued support. Thanks for following the tangent

Please leave a comment and let me know what you are looking forward to in 2012.
Much love,
Aka John Knowles

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