Why I like the “i” in connection.

1 Comment 09 May 2011

A conversation that I had with Nick Hifrin about the letter “i” has inspired me on a tangent.  Nick, a New York artist who has been collaborating with our own Marlo Brown, was explaining to me about his creative organizational tactics with the letter “I” to represent a symbol of a connector.  He has been extracting “i”s from newspapers and using them to represent a point of connection as he builds larger systems for his music and art performances.  He understands the principals of connections by building systems.

I love the logic and representation of the letter “i” as it stands out in the Roger Smith Hotel letters.  As i look to connect systems and simulate the Roger Smith Hotel as a connectors network, “i” really like the metaphor.

Lets start building some connections.

If you fancy yourself a connector post a response letting me know how you connect your networks to the world.

Making further “Connections”, I am hosting an Art competition here @RShotel. I am awarding $100 to the most artistic “i” connector image that is submitted to me here on this blog. Anyone who submits will receive a $100 Rogersreward, and be part of the connector “i” series at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Simply take a picture of your “i” and send it to me in a tweet with the hashtag #makingconnections with @pancity & @rshotel. Also be sure to post a link here on the blog to be included.

Let the world know you are a connector.

Thanks for reading! Please comment, share and engage.

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1 comment

  1. Xavi Bisbal says:

    Great!!! letter is a graphic sign of writing with which we can create a speech and of course create art as a connector.

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