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Panman Report February 2011

1 Comment 26 February 2011

I write this as the son of Benjamin Franklin… I offer 100 thanks to you who continues to engage, support and contribute in the dialog and discovery of ideas. At the end of the kite their is a key. The idea is that it will conduct the charge that causes inspiration and break though. As you pull in the kite, the key seems to take the shape of a Roger Smith Hotel Room key. The connection between Roger Smith, Ben Franklin and James Knowles is complete.

I leave for Sweden with a pack full of Rogersrewards. My week has been a running race. Pace has been crucial. With so many things happening, I moved with speed and agility and made certain opportunities available.

“Social Media is a method, Realtime is a mindset.” – Thanks @DMScott

When things happened quickly, I reacted with lightning speed. Opportunities begin to present themselves and the scene changes. Support gained. Friends made. Barrier broken down. Progress! If you have your head up, you can see the world around you.

Only last week, I was advising those around me to be aware and keep their heads up. I am reminded of a young hockey play diddling with the puck at the blueline, ready to get laid out because his head is facing the ground. Not only is he in danger of getting his bell rung but he misses the opportunity of his wingman dashing to the net.

“You can only score if you shoot the puck”, says wise sue2!

So as I dart from, Spain to LA, Bahamas to VT now I am off to Are.
Wish me safe travels. I look forward to some snowy Swedish skiing conditions. I will be sure to bring you back a haring.

Looking forward, I am continually trying to conquer spaces and am feeling victory with the idea of hosting meet-ups in our beautiful suites.

Dare to dream and make your dreams a reality.
Till next week.
I am Panman aka @pancity, breaking open the head.

Stay tuned for details on my Mixology Meetup  that will happen in March.

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1 comment

  1. Phoebe says:

    Pan – Thanks for the reminder to keep our heads up and to keep shooting the puck! Important!

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